Entrañable y emocionante momento. Groucho recibe de manos de Jack Lemmon un oscar honorario en nombre de los tres Marx Brothers. Ocurrió en 1974 y lamentablemente ni Harpo ni Chico pudieron acompañar a su hermano menor. Tampoco Margaret Dumont, a la que Groucho también dedica unas palabras. A continuación del vídeo, la transcripción completa del discurso de aceptación.

«Thank you. I want to thank those who voted for me to get this award. I wish that Harpo and Chico could be here to share it with me, this great honor. I wish Margaret Dumont could be here, too. She was a great straight woman for me, even though she never understood any of my jokes. She used to say, «Julie, what are they laughing at?» But most of all I want to thank my mother, because without her we never would have been anything. And last of all I’d like to thank Erin Fleming who makes my life worth living and who understands all my jokes.»